Why I’m Running for Cambridge City Council

Dana Bullister
3 min readOct 26, 2021

Part 1 of a series on my priorities as a first-time candidate for Cambridge City Council. Next: Part 2: Cambridge’s Critical Problem (Not Housing)

I am a longtime Cambridge renter, a multinationally award-winning data scientist with a background in policy and economics, and an avid member of the local innovation community. A Boston area native, I graduated from Wellesley College where I majored in computer science. There I researched the influence of misinformation in political discourse using unique coding methods. I then studied data, economics, and development policy at MIT, worked as a data scientist, started a small software company, and initiated research at Northeastern University on using data from collective community insights to better inform local policy.

I’m a passionate advocate of empirically effective policy on reducing economic inequality, addressing climate change, and improving criminal justice at the local, state, and national levels. Locally I help advocate on issues of youth services, public safety, climate, and education in Cambridge.

Some of the neighbors near my 5th Street apartment in East Cambridge

As an East Cambridge renter who does not own a car, I rely almost solely on public transit, biking, and walking. And as a young woman in the technology sector trained in economics and policy, I also embody an underrepresented voice in our public discourse.

The above facts do not mean I don’t appreciate the very real concerns of struggling homeowners and drivers. To the contrary, I care deeply about their challenges and I strive to serve these residents just as diligently. It does, however, mean I can add a unique perspective to our council and spark a different kind of conversation from government and politics as usual.

I love my longtime home of Cambridge. I’m running because I believe I can make it better. My mission is to help all in Cambridge have the opportunity to thrive.

Yes, I’m one of those continual Bluebikers. My friend Dogi’s infamous “green monster” is behind.

Note on Conflicts of Interest

I have not accepted money, endorsements, aid, or any other form of contribution from the real estate development community. Nor do I have related investments, associations, or even personal ties. I similarly have not accepted contributions from fossil fuel companies, corporate PACs, or any other parties with potential conflicts of interest with the city. My heart and financial interests are with the residents of Cambridge.

Stuck in an elevator in East Cambridge with cool people

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